Get to learn about the 96 native Philippine trees that we have saved from extinction. Learn about all the meticulous processes and steps taken to conserve the biodiversity of our country

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Tree for the Future


Date published: 2016

Propagation Protocols

Snapshots of Philippine Forests I

Date published 2015


Date published 2020

Propagation of quality planting materials...

Date published 2016

Date published 2016

Forest Restoration & Protection; Biodiversity - Flora, Fauna

Wildlife Treasures Book

Bats of Bacman

BINHI Coffee Table Book

Date published 2016

Pocket Guide on Forest Restoration Using...

Date published 2015

Journals and Other Publications by Partners

Anticamara et al.

Date published 2012

Fidelino et al.

Date published 2019

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Botanical Treasures

Date published 2016