July 24, 2019

BINHI propagates native trees in Nueva Ecija with help of new partners

Geothermal leader Energy Development Corporation (EDC) partnered with the Philippine Permaculture Association (PPA) and its demo farm, Cabiokid Foundation, Inc., to protect and propagate threatened native trees under EDC’s BINHI program.

A total of 152 seedlings from 21 rare and threatened native tree species were planted in the Cabiokid Foundation, Inc. premises in Cabiao, Nueva Ecija to allow them to grow into mother trees in a safe space. These species have dwindled in number in the wild and are no longer familiar to the younger generations. Some of the species planted include Yakal-saplungan, Yakal-malibato, Malabayabas, Betis, Apunan, Pianga, Kamagong, Kamagong ponce, Ipil, Tindalo, and Supa.

The Philippine Permaculture Association promotes permaculture for sustainable agriculture, integrating forestry species. The word permaculture comes from the combination of the words ‘permanent’ and ‘agriculture.’ The PPA shares the knowledge of sustainable agriculture with the public and different groups. Meanwhile, Cabiokid Foundation, Inc. is a 13-hectare permaculture development site and integrated farm, which serves as PPA’s demo farm.

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